Scientific Research Areas:    Science,  Health Science,  Pharmacy, Agriculture.

Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Applied Science, Applied Mathematics, Home Science, General Sciences.

Life Sciences: Agricultural, Biological Sciences, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Environmental Science, Ecology, Arachnology, Biodiversity and Conservation, Entomology, Limnology, Ichthyology, Malacology, Immunology and Microbiology, Neuroscience, Marine Biology, Food Science,  Forensic Science, Zoology.

Physical Sciences:  Physics, Astronomy & Astrophysics, Atmospheric Science, Chemistry, Earth Science, Materials Science, Environmental Science, General Science, Marine Science.

Biological Science: Allied Sciences, Biotechnology,  Bioinformatics, Cell biology, Biochemistry, Molecular biology, Neurobiology, Microbiology, Pathology, Cytology, Immunobiology, 

Health Science: Medicine, Cardiology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Urology, Genetics, Pathogenesis, Rheumatology, Oncology, Immunology, Physiology, Nephrology, Neurology, Dentistry, Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, Gynecology, Hematology, Anesthesiology, Angiology, Cardiology, Nursing, Veterinary Science, Veterinary Medicine, Molecular medicine, Medical Research, Biochemistry, Psychiatry, Animal Science, Human Microbiology, Nutrition, Veterinary Medicine. 

Agriculture Science:  Animal Science, Crop Science, Entomology, Family & Consumer Sciences, Fisheries & Wildlife Sciences, Food Science, Forestry, Genetics & Genomics, Horticulture, Nutrition, Plant Pathology, Poultry Science, Soil Science, Sustainable Agriculture, Agri Economics, Genetics and plant breeding,  Waste Management.

Pharmaceutical Science (Pharmacy) :  Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacoinformatics, Analytical chemistry, Pharmacogenomics, Medicinal chemistry, Biomaterial sciences, Biopharmaceutics, Pharmacy practice, Natural chemistry, Nanotechnology, Novel drug delivery sys.