Journal Frequency  Monthly      (12 issues per year)
Manuscript Submission deadline for the Publication

Submission open – Any day of the Month / Year

Submit to –   or    Submit Online

Receipt of Paper Within 24 hrs of the submission.
Submissions are open on all days,     received paper/article manuscript will be considered as per submission day/date :-  ( Current Issue /  Next Issue )
  • Date:-  1st to 15th  –  current month issue consideration with  regular   OR  fast track mode in the current month issue.
  • from 16th to 25th  –  with  fast track mode in the current month issue  OR   with the regular mode in the next month issue.  
  • from 26th  to  31st  –   with  fast track mode in the next issue  OR  with the regular mode in the next issue.  
Manuscript Review Results Notification (Acceptance/Rejection)  Within  3  to  5 days.

Regularity of Publication from 2019

Regular Publication Date

Last day of every month. ( i.e  30th,  31st, …)

Fast Track Publication

within 3 to 7  days
Copyright Agreement & Publication Fees Process (For Author) On Acceptance email of Paper, Author must complete the process to fill up Copyright Agreement Form & to pay publication fees within 3-4 days and send its scanned PDF copy to the Editor –